Wurth Cavity Wax

Cavity Wax is ideal for protecting metal in box sections, door cavities, seams & surfaces and hard to paint areas. 

Protect your VW Beetle/Splitscreen/Bay/Karmann/Porsche project from rust invasion after bodywork & welding.

Best used after Rust protection & Zinc primer have been applied.

Applied with the built in nozzle, it can be sprayed onto vulnerable bodywork areas to protect from moisture.

Specially formulated to resist/inhibit rust and features extreme creep and adhesion to metal surfaces.

Safe to use on rubber and plastic materials. Compatible with top coat paint.

Optimal application temperature 20-23C to allow for creep and adhesion.

Double the application in extreme cases.

Note: Please read the instructions on the can before using in a well ventilated area.

Cavity Wax can be purchased here:

 Wurth Rust Converter