British & German manufactured auto products. 

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So, you're looking for top quality auto products for your vehicle right? Well, you've come to the right place. We supply selected top quality products made in the UK or Germany, so you can rest assured, only industry BEST of BREED merchandise available here.  

IMPORTANT: As we've just got this site up and running the shopping cart might not work yet, so please CALL on 07900 266253 or 07587 712615 to discuss what you want, arrange payment, delivery costs and stock levels - thank you.

Remember, Taiwan sh*t just don't fit!

Our plan is to show our product range and meet our customers at VW events across the country this season, so look out for us, check out our stuff and say hello.



I've been involved in the auto industry for many years and found some dealers selling tat. So, I decided to produce and supply top quality products for fellow petrol heads, especially air cooled Volkswagens. I have brought together a varied range of products made in the UK or Germany to suit your requirements, I'm sure you will be satisfied with your purchases. If not I want to hear from you.

Now my son Matthew is involved it's going to be a family firm which is excellent news. Welcome aboard son!